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20-Minute Cardio Follow-Along Workout

– Here’s your follow-along cardio workout. I am with my girl, Karen, and I’m with my man, Joe. I’m David. We are so excited to be here with you today. Here’s what you need: You, we got you. It’s an official party because we’re on set, ready to roll with you. Towel if you want it. Water if you need it. Some open space, so that you can move safely. And just the desire to get some cardio going, right? So we’re going to start right off with a march, guys. So we’re just going to march. And, by the way, you decide how much you want to march and how slow you want to march to start. Say you’re feeling great. Man, you jump right into a high march. You feel like, “Holy moly, this guy put me “right into the ringer, right out of the gate,” then we just start nice and slow.

You move your arms. We’re going to stay here. I’m going to come back with you guys for a second. I’ll be able to stay with my team, right? We’re going to stay here for just a second. And then what we’re going to do is we’re going to transition into a little bit of a different march, get our brain going in a different way, a little coordination, so watch this. Tap, tap, yeah. Aw, yeah, we got some dancers in the room. We got some dancers in the room, right? Right, Joe? Come on, yeah, don’t leave me hanging. – Don’t leave me hanging. – Karen, I’m coming.

Am I coming for a pound over there, Karen, or you just want me to stay in my lane over here? (laughs) – All good, all good. – She’s like, “Man, I got enough going on over here. “Don’t bother me, David.” Right? Good, now, we’re going to do a few more of these. You guys at home, you want to pop? You want to rock and roll? It doesn’t matter. Shades up, doors open. Neighborhood party, bring ’em in, have fun.

You need to (blows air) bring it down, take it easy, catch your breath? You do it. Now watch, we’re going to go here. Tap, tap. Oh, we’re working, we’re working, we’re working. Yep, just a little tap. Step tap, step tap. Not too much. At home, once again. Rhythm, smooth, relaxed. Smile on your face. I want you to just smile the whole time. Now, there will be times when you don’t want to smile at me. You’d actually probably rather say something different to me, but that’s okay. You manage your energy. If it’s too much, slow down. It’s too much? Smaller range of motion. Need to rest? Rest. ‘Cause guess what? You can pause us. You can put us back on whenever you want, right? – Right. – We’ve got to work.

They get to decide when they work, and that’s the beauty of it. Now, last one here, check this out. We’re going to tap in front, tap in front. Yep, now, a little rotation in the hips, a little bit through the core. I’m going to go here for maybe, I don’t know, what do you think? Fifteen more seconds? – Sure. – That sound good? Okay, good. So, I’m not going to even count. You guys got the clock at home. I’m going to try to get close.

My guess is that’s about seven seconds. My guess is that’s about 10. So, we’re going to go 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Now, back to march, back to march. So we’re going to stay right here, back in this march. Nice and easy. And we’re going to go for about 20 or 30 more seconds. Here’s what I want you to feel like. Get your heart rate up a little bit. You know, you want to get those arms moving a little bit more? You do it. You want to keep ’em down? Keep ’em down. Keep ’em up? Keep ’em up. This is your game. Come on, have fun, play with it. So, I’m going to go. They’re not. I’m going to give it a little push. I’m going to start getting my heart rate up. Whoo! Oh, they’re in it. I can’t outrun them. And I can’t outrun you. And I don’t need to because this is for you, not for us. 3, 2, 1, rest.

All right, that’s a warmup, huh? Shake it out, shake it out. So, first move we’ve got, it’s going to go like this. We’re going to set our feet wider. When you’re ready, we’re going to go this leg first. This hand is going to tap that knee. So, I’m just going to demo it. It’s going to be here, here. That’s the move. You guys ready? Okay, set, and good. There, now once again, you want to bring… So, Joe, you know, this guy: Princeton, football, gamer, boxer.

His body’s been through a lot, and he’s had a lot of fun doing it, but he knows, “I’m not going to go super wide. “I’ve got a little bit of knee stuff I pay attention to. “A little bit of hip stuff I pay attention to.” So his base isn’t as wide. See the difference I just made right there? Just base is not as wide. It’s still really good work. Why? ‘Cause it’s good work for him. That’s good fitness. Now, if you can get wide, drive those knees harder. That’s up to you. We’re going to go for a few more seconds here. Come on.

Let’s go for 5, 4, 3, you’ve got this, 2, and rest. Now, next move. Catch your breath, rest whenever you guys need to. Yes, you have permission to do that. We’re going to go heel, heel, okay? And I’m going to show you different ways you can do it as we go. Ready, Karen? – Ready. – All right, you tell me when. – 1, 2, 3. – Heel, good. I took the count down. Did I follow directions? – Beautiful. – Yeah, good, that’s rare. That’s rare. You ask my mom. If you can find a way to get a hold of her, you ask her how good I am with that.

She’d be like, “Meh.” (laughs) Good job, Karen. Yep. So back, try to get back. Yeah, and don’t have to go as wide if it’s just the lift. Right there, we’re thinking about that foot going back, stretching those quads. Now, here we go. Hands can stay on our hips, right? They can stay here. Hands can come here. Okay? Hands can move with the legs. You pick what you love to do and just stay with it. Now, let me show you one last one. Uh-oh, uh-oh, what just happened? I mean, we’re talking back, chest open, coordination.

Whoo, send us a video of you doing this at SilverSneakers. We would love that. Come on. 3, 2, 1, rest. How we feel? – Good. Good. – Yeah? Yeah, she’s making a little, “Oh, yeah, I’ll make him feel “like I’m working a little bit. (blows raspberry) “Tell me when the workout starts, Dave.” Right, Joe? – I’m fine. (laughs) – I’m good, I’m good. All right, so now, we promised you that we always want to work your brain. We want to work you in different ways safely but effectively. So, here’s the scoop. So, yeah, you ready? I’m going to have you right… Perfect. Because I need to see you in your awesomeness right now. So it’s going to look like this, because I know you can do it. It’s going to go knee, knee, heel, heel. Uh-oh, we did it, we did it. You ready? Set, come on, go. Knee, knee, heel, I’m going all in. Knee, knee. You guys don’t have to do this with your arms.

You can go here, here, boom, boom, yep. Here, here, back, and I almost got myself thrown off right there. Knee, knee, back. Come on, we got to go at least 10 more seconds, right, Joe? – Absolutely. – Good, get that heel back. He’s like, “Pfft.” His pulse, I don’t even know if it’s changed. He’s like, “Absolutely.” I just missed it. Did you see that? “Stay with… Oh, I’m lost!” Here, back, it happens to the best of us.

Last one. Here, I tried to do too much, right? I tried to do too much. Did you see what happens? (laughs) Right, keep it simple, right, Joe? – Good, good. – But you know, we’re all human. So you get to laugh at David like, “Ha, even him.” Yes, even me. You should see how much I mess up when I’m preparing these things. Mmm, oh, no water for these guys. They’re like (blows raspberry). You guys, water, rest, breathe, towel. We’re going to move into the next thing. So, kind of moving in that lateral pattern, here’s what it’s going to look like. Floor is safe, so you know what’s around you. We’re going to go three step and a little kick. Now, watch. If you don’t do that, you can always tap. If that’s what you feel better with at home, having that foot tap the ground, perfect. Right, I’m going to start there. If you want, you can really turn this into something more dynamic.

You guys ready to go? I’m going to head this way first. Three steps, set, 1, 2, 3, tap. 1, 2, 3, yep. And you’re kicking. I might tap just to remind you guys at home. There it is, a lot of coordination here. Now, I’m going to kick because I just love it. It’s like, pow! Yep, sound effects. Pow! It’s what I do. Pew! Good, and then if you want to really kick it up, you can just make those bigger steps, quicker steps to the side, push further. Keep that balance. Test your balance. See, I’m a leaning a little away. As long as it’s safe, I’m working core. I’m reminding my brain, “My body can move that way.” If something flew at me or something happened, I can move around it. I can still own my body and space, and I can recover.

Come on, 3, 2, last one, rest. Whoo, how you feeling? Knees okay, hips okay? – Easy day, easy day. Hips are good. – All of it? Karen, you good? You guys are good. I know you’re good. That’s why you put us on. Here’s what we’re going to do next block. We’re going to set our bodies up. I’m going to show you first how it works. We’re going to set up. We’re going to work one side. So, first thing we’ll do is we’re going to squat down a little bit, okay? We’re going to lean off just a little bit to one side.

Just a little. Not from our shoulders. From our hips, okay? Put that foot out. Now watch. It’s tap, out. Tap, and try to stay down a little bit. Good, you guys are with us. We’re already in it. You’re good. Yep, don’t try to follow the foot. Stay right here. Stay right over this leg, stay down. If you’ve got to come up a little higher, that’s fine. You stay in this long enough, you starting to feel a little burn in that leg? – Oh, yeah. – Karen, you getting a little burn in that leg? – I’m good. – Good, I like it. And you are moving a little bit, and that’s okay. If that feels comfortable, you stay right there. We’re going to go 3, we got two more, 2, we got one more, arms moving. And we come up. Ooh, I feel it. Shake it out. We’re going to sit down, slide just a little with our backside over this leg. This foot comes out, ball of our foot. Ready, and we go. In, out, in, we take our time.

Good, and if you want to follow a little, that’s okay. Follow a little is okay. I’d rather you do that than lean off and get out of position. You want to just stay here. The more you sit down on that heel, bend that knee, push that hip back, oh, baby, it happens. This is glutes, thighs, holy surprise, it comes out of nowhere. And it’s amazing. It will work it in a really effective way.

Come on, 3, and 2, and 1, and rest. Okay, now, going to take that lateral pattern, we’re just going to go here. Step, step, step. Kinda did it in the beginning, but we’re making it bigger now. Okay, you ready, ready? You’re with us. We’re with you. Going this way first, and we go. Step, step, good. That’s all it is. Now, the wider you step, this is kind of like a skater, right? We’re going to do that next. It’s a little different.

We’re setting you up for it. The wider you go, the deeper you stay, the more this stings in a good way, right? And that heart rate will come up. Now, if you wanted to come up higher, stay right here. That’s totally fine. Higher you go, less in the legs. Lower you go, more legs, more cardio. Good, come on, keep moving through, keep moving through. What I try to say is there’s a tunnel that I’m in or a hallway.

That ceiling is like right above my head. I want to keep my head level, so it doesn’t bounce up into the ceiling. You do that, you’re going to feel it. And 3, 2, 1, rest. You guys feel that? Ooh, huh? – That was good. – That’s good, okay. We’re going to go into what we call a sprinter step. So, we’re going to just open up in a split stance. We’re going to put that foot behind us, ball of our foot. We’re going to bring whatever leg is forward, that hand’s going to come toward our hip, right? So that hand is back, so that hand will be back. Yes, right like there. Now watch. It’s just up and back. And we’re going to pause, and we’re just going to do reps, right here. You guys ready? Okay, I’m going to stay this way…

you guys can stay forward, whatever feels comfortable for you… so they can see me. Set, and go. Up, and back. Hold. Up, and back. Hold. Up, and back. You come up as much as you feel comfortable. You go back as much as you feel comfortable. You need to stay up tall? That’s totally fine. Right here, just a little bend in the knee, little bend in the hip. Come on, we’re going to do three more. 1, set. 2, set. Lot of balance, lot of core. And let’s switch. Ooh wee, setting it up, I’m feeling it now. Feel like we’re on the field now, right? – Yeah. – Yeah, yeah. Ready, and we go. Up, good, perfect, Karen! Arms are moving with the legs. That’s rhythm. That’s coordination. By the way, that’s one of the first we learn when we’re babies. Somehow, we figure out how to get up on our feet and walk. Opposite hand, opposite leg. It’s called cross-crawl gait pattern. It makes the brain miraculous. Come on. Here we go. Three more.

1, 2, and 3, and we rest. Shake that out. Okay, we’re going to go knee strikes. You guys ready for some knee strikes? Okay, so on knee strikes, they’re going to work for us. Grab a sip of water if you need it. It’s kind of like that, that we did. We’re going to make it a little more like, you know, your kids stayed just a little too long in your house and uh, time to get out.

You know what I mean? (laughs) It’s one of those. This is where you can get some, some of the energy out. You know that husband that we’ve been fiddling with for 40 years, and… I’ve been in 20, and I think my wife is already ready… So this is going to look like this. Knee strike, knee strike, knee strike. You go at your pace. I’ll start slow. Then we’re going to build our speed up, okay? All right, set, and we go. Here, here, perfect. So what we say always is “slow to fast.” We start a movement or an exercise slow, and we get it right. Then we think about going fast, right. We start really light, then we think about getting heavy, okay. We start really simple, then we think about complex. Slow to fast. Light to heavy. Simple to complex. Use that in all of your fitness.

Now, come on. Let’s go for 10 seconds. Your pace, pushing that through. Feeling it in that glute, feeling it in that core, maybe in your shoulders. 3, 2, 1, rest. Is there any sweat happening back here at all? – Yes, yes, yes. – I mean, at all? I mean, I’m flinging it all over the place. It’s like, it’s raining up here, in north wherever-I-am, and in south, it’s like sunny back there, you know? Holy moly. Think I’ve got to follow my own programs, guys.

Ready? Knee strikes nice and slow, other side. Set, and we go. Up and back, up and back. That’s it, good. I’m going to show you my side here. That foot stays flat. I’m on the ball of the foot back there for support. Now, if you need to be near a wall, that’s totally fine. It’s always there for you. A counter, a couch, something to rely on as you’re trying something new. That’s called smart training, and I’m proud of you. Come on. Now we’re going to go quicker here. Ten seconds. Up, back, up, back, yeah, good. I’d say we’re about halfway there, right, Joe? – Yep. – Come on, Karen. Count us out. You give us 3, 2, 1. You ready? You got it. – 3. – Come on. – 2. – Yep. – 1. – Nice! We might put you up front one of these days! Watch for her, watch for her! All right, so now, we have two little things left. We got a fun little movement pattern, which is going to bring our brain in. I’m going to show you. You’ll get it.

Then we got a fun little fighting finish, right, Joe? – Fighting. – Fighting finish. We’re going to fight for it. Whoo, so here we go. Three patterns, you guys can do them with me and learn it, as they’re picking it up at home. One of ’em is just stepping. We call it 1, 2, 3, 4. Out, out, in, in. Out, out, in, in. Right, how’s that feel? – Good. – That feel okay? – Mm-hmm. – So, out, out, in, in. Out, out, in, in, perfect! And you make it your own if you need to, right. Now, next one. Walk up, walk back, 1, 2, 3, 4. Try it, 2, 3, 4. Got it? Okay, up, up, yep.

So we go left, right, left, right. Left, right, left, right. Left, right, left, right. Stay right there, very nice. Last one, toe taps. Toe, toe, toe, toe. Good, we good? – Yes. – All right, so let’s go through the first one. In, in, out, out. We’re going to go about 20 seconds. Ready, set, go. Out, out, in, in. Out, out, in, in. Yeah, good, stay there, good. You can get wide if you want.

Now, sometimes I try to go lead with the other foot first. You don’t have to worry about that. At home, when you play this a few times, you’ll understand what I just meant. Out, out, in, in. Just lead with the other foot sometimes. It’s a totally different movement because of your brain and your body. Now, you guys stay at that pace. If you’re feeling it at home, you can also do this like this. Out, out, in, in, out, out, in, in. I know, I know, I know, I know. – I’m staying here. – Rest. I’m just showing you what’s possible. Up and back. Here we go. Ready? Up, back. Step over the line, step back. Step over the line, step back. Good. Come on. We’re going to… You know what, you’re moving, and you’re not causing pain. That is a recipe for vitality. It’s a recipe for health. It is brain. It is core. It is coordination. It is cardiovascular. It is everything your body deserves to do what it is that you’re supposed to do.

The things that you’ve worked hard for, the things that matter to you, this is how you keep it. You decide what you put in your mouth, you decide what you let in your ears, you decide what you let in your eyes, and you decide how you move your body, so that you can honor and you can respect everything that you’ve been given, so you can give it away to somebody else. Especially the next generation you’re trying to create legacy in, right? That’s your job now. So stay healthy to do it.

Good, and rest. Now, toe taps, ready? Toe, toe, toe, good. We’re going to move through this, we’re going to move through this. Yeah, keep it moving. Good. Now I’ll show you. You guys just keep tapping. Don’t… You stay in your rhythm, fight for your rhythm… Don’t look at me. Look ahead. You keep your rhythm. Feel that? At home, that’s what that looks like. You’ve got to be careful if you have ankle issues or calf issues, but I want you to know, this is there for you. Small, little movements, that’s what that turns in to. 3, 2, 1, rest. How we doing? – Good. – Are we ready to fight to finish? – We did the hard part. – We’re ready to fight to finish? – We’re ready. – All right, here we go. So, it’s a little series. It’s going to take us less than two minutes. We’re going to start with some side kicks. You’ll just follow me. Then we’re going to do some little, little digs. Like, you see me, and you want to give me a little shot in the ribs, and be like, “Hey!” Give me one of those, right? And then we’re going to do a little uppercuts, and then we’re going to do a little flurry to finish, flurry to finish.

You ready? – Ready. – Side kicks. We’re going to go alternating. Set, this one first, and we go. Boom, boom, boom, yep, good. And you get a little bit of a lean away. Push that heel out. If you need to tap, that’s totally cool. Out, out, come on. Push through, push away. Push away, yeah, give him a kick. Give him a punt. Punt him right out the door.

Time to go, get out, come back later. Good, when you got a job, what? (laughs) 3, 2, 1, rest, nice job. Okay, we’re going right into a digs. Set our feet up. Here we go. It’s boom, boom. It’s… Yep, let that heel open up, and that hand you bring around. And you don’t have to do it this big. Just little punches. That’s fine. But if you want to go big, smooth, smooth. Yep, no hurt shoulders, no hurt pecs. So we work from the hips. We work from the core. We let that foot open up. We’re finding that midsection. Bang, right there. Bang, right there. 3, 2, 1. Uppercuts. Here, stay with me, good. Oh, we’re coming right here. We’re bending down on those legs a little bit. Coming right up the midline. Swinging through, swinging through, swinging through. Here we go. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. We’re big finishing, big finish, and I’m coming back. You keep your feet moving. She’s not going to punch. She’s just going to hustle. Joe and I are going to do a quick ta-ta-ta. Ready, and go.

(breaths through mouth) I’m going to move around with it. I’m going around a little bit. I don’t want to catch that shot in the eyeball. That’s it, Joe. That’s it, Joe! Oh, ho, ho, ho! Oh, there it is, there it is! He’s on it. Come on! 10, 9, I’m with you, 8, 7, move ’em, hot floor, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Over! What I want you to do is start catching your breath. Right now, start catching your breath. You get a sip of water, use your towel. We’re just going to breathe for a second, and them I’m going to let you go stretch on your own, talk a walk around the house, around the park.

Pick one of our stretch routines, do what you like on your own time, but for right now, (breathes deeply) just move around a little bit. (breathes deeply) So it’s a military breathing pattern, when their heart rates are really high, or even athletes or people that have highly technical jobs where they have to do really precise things, when they’re under stress, when they’re under cardiovascular, when they’re really, really worked up, to be able to use their breath. (breathes deeply) Carbon dioxide comes out. (breathes deeply) We just shake it out, just relax.

One of my favorite things is just shaking, however you feel comfortable. Maybe you just roll your shoulders open a little bit. We’re just so grateful to be here with you. I had so much fun with you guys. We hope you come back, and keep getting after it with cardio with us. We’ll always be here. Thank you, Joe. Thank you, Karen. Thank you. .

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