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Fitness Posture | HOUSTON LIFE | KPRC 2

good posture is something that we need all year round and I’m here at one-to-one training center with Michael Sullivan and this guy has been in the business for a long time you’ve been in the gym for 26 years and personal training for 10 yes let’s get some good posture tips going today yes first what we’re gonna do is work on stretching some of these muscles out they’ve become sortin from sitting all day I’m gonna start off by stretching some these muscles out they want to go through some exercises to strengthen them to where you’re more in a neutral position and not rounded slouched over what I’m saying this is called a hip flexor stretch arms up leave slightly forward and twist to the opposite side of the knee that’s on the on the floor hold that for 30 seconds and then we’re gonna switch other way and Michael stretching is a really great way to start any workout anytime direct yes should always stretch out your muscles before doing any kind of machines or anything anything we were stretching is very underrated so arms up and twist away from the noose on the floor away other way towards me now lean forward a little bit waist there you go just feel a stretch right in this area okay okay am I gonna twist while this is no we’re just gonna hold that for 30 seconds okay and then we’re gonna switch holding this isn’t so bad yet almost like a lunch yes ma’am so the next exercise this is a yoga stretch called the cat cow so loosen up all these muscles along the spine okay back to the shoulder shoulder girdle will you show me how that was done okay give you on all fours elbows are gonna be locked head down and we’re gonna breathe it out and extend the neck and breathe in stretch the spine pretty good stretching my back all the way through my neck so the next one we’re gonna do exercise called the plank oh I know the plank I am very familiar with get in this position here okay just keep our feet together let me ask you this it’s best to keep your feet together or not oh that is the easier position as you make the base wider it’s gonna become harder so this will start this will be a beginner position yes so feet down so look straight down the floor but that’s it you just hold it it was gonna be easier than this exercise is called the ball Cobra ball Cobra Cobra so position yourself like this keep your feet wide so your knees are not on the ground no man let’s start up here in front we’re going to come up like a Cobra like that yeah like opening yes wasn’t it open 30 those weights look relatively light these were three pound weight I think this is supply the lightest ones we have here okay so on the ball uh-huh so feet out wide what what go back a little bit more maybe okay this way or this way back yes okay all right so arms in front of you underhand now just bring the arm straight back yep and come up there you go that’s all there is yep I can feel that oh and then just right back around the front we’re gonna do this against the thirty Seconds okay slight pause the top you show me what this machine does what we’re gonna do here this is a lower back exercise work in the lower back okay we’re gonna get in like this you just push back basically this like rocket in a rocking chair okay I see all the lower backs but are you also working on the ABS in this position to the ABS are having took the track okay stabilized basically it’s all your core right yes ma’am you’re back there doing your abs job well I people think the core if only is these muscles right here in front so cool all the way around and deep inside there to keep it upright so we’re gonna cross our arms right here and try the knees a little bit more okay and then just push back 30 seconds okay I feel it right above my tush there you go that’s it my lower back so this next exercise we’re gonna do is put the obliques also part of the part of the core okay so let me show you what we mean so we’re gonna start our meet extended our elbows locked and it’s about sodahype feet together you’re gonna step out and twist into it step out twist oh yeah oh yeah that’s not your normal regular drink well Michael I just wanna thank you for having me out today I really feel like I’ve learned how to fix my posture how to stand correctly do those core exercises that help not only my ABS my obliques my lower back and all down my backside yes but I thought that we could end with some dead lift sir those are pretty simple right yeah very good core show me where I need to be standing here coming up close to the bar okay and each side of your legs okay okay but down okay head up we have 65 pounds stand up okay come down okay I got it how much can you uh deadlift right there just put a little bit more on to me okay of course he has the weight nearby like a pro like ever so hard but she makes it look good I know but so good too right I think all she’s standing a little taller no other way as always if you would like more information you can visit our website very easy Houston 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