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Cardio Fat Burn I 57-Minute Workout With Music For Home Fitness By 2FitnessLovers

Hey let’s have some fun! Let’s start with the warm up, and then we have more cardio coming up. And little bit strength as well for the legs and then we cool down and do a little bit stretching. Are you ready? Let’s start with the easy jogging. I promise you today you are going to sweat. And you need shoes shoes would be good and just little bit space. I don’t have a lot of space, so this workout is possible to do almost everywhere. Little rotation, easy rotation jumps. We prepare our legs for the fun training we have head of us. And easy jogging again. Great just squat and arms up, sumo squat warming as well the quads. And stay down, one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and running! squats, ten times! One more time and stay down, pulsing, one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and run again Do you feel your body’s starting to get warm? Then slow down again and hug your knees.

No start to run little bit faster! Add little bit tempo, also possible even we are not moving. And slow down. Tempo And slow down Tempo and slow down. Tempo. and slow down, let’s do this one more time And tempo! And slow down. I’m starting to sweat slowly, you? Then easy lunge back, knee up easy lunge back, knee up yeah Revenge lunges, reverse lunges I always say wrong, revenge lunges I was joking so often about it, so now I start to say it wrong.

Okay, now when you got it, add little jump Jump, you can even take the arm, opposite arm. Powerful jump. My spotlight is so bright so I’m getting a bit blind with the time. I still see it, so if I’m like this I’m just checking the time Check now that during the class, Your chest is lifted Your back is in good posture. Now you can run little bit further, and again slow down. Take a step back, rotate and open. Ten times. And now, stay here down and start to do mountain climbers stay here and start to do mountain climbers. Plank position and start to run. I do this in side position – this we will have in our power circle do day And stop! Come up and continue running! Again! Jogging, in three minutes we have 10 exercises, our action time is 30 seconds – between we do 30 seconds jogging – and we do three rounds. 10 exciting movements! We are starting with the x-jumps. There is nothing difficult, no difficult choreography. You will get it, you will see right away and just follow my lead. And we will get a good training! Here and here. mix cardio movements, and legs quads, glutes are working hard, I promise.

So one more minute to go, kick your butt, this will be one of the movements as well. Quite simple movements. But effective ones! If you are not the dance type of person, this maybe a good class for you. If you don’t like so difficult choreography. So 30 seconds, and we are starting with the x-jumps, are you ready? We have a little power circuit, you should feel it! We are gonna start with the x-jumps, I think this is familiar to all of you. If not just follow my lead. Three two one! Do big jumps! Use your arms. And time. Running. Next one we have a sumo squat and jump up The first round is the most exciting, because you don’t really know what’s coming up. Here we go, so jump down, up Keep your back straight, make your legs work Last one and running.

Next we have prince’s lunge, alternating and little jump. If you don’t know what is princess lunge, you will see soon. Ten seconds. Five. And here we go! Cross step back and jump. Now notice that your glutes are working. has to balance as well little bit. Time and running again next one is simple, it’s just kicking your butt 30 seconds But not some lazy kicking, really KICKING your butt! Kick! Ten seconds! And surprisingly, next we are lifting our knees up, high knees. I hope my downstairs neighbours are not killing me. Then we do lunges. One reason why I do this on a matt is, I try to make it little bit more silence for the neighbours. So we just do alternating lunges next.

Lunges. if you are beginner, you can of course march between the breaks. If it still feels too tough – running the breaks. You can try to run as much as you can. And running. We go down again, and plank position. And we start to run. Vertical running. That is pretty good name for that exercise. You see this is mountain-climbers! Keep the core tight, So if you are this high, not so effective go more down. And time! Continue running! Next one is hard we jump up and we go plank position. Ten seconds. These are I think one of the most challenging exercises. Are you ready? Jump up and down. Then we have a side touch, we stay down, we touch to the side Superman, are you ready? Join me, hop knee and arm I started to dream there between, sorry about that. This is the last one. By the way. Then we do half an minute jogging and then we have one minute break.

Just short break, you can drink little bit water, then we continue again. We do second round, even little bit more intense Now you know what’s coming! great, just short break, now don’t sit down, keep still moving. Just a little break for water. And then right away when you’re ready with the water, You can start with me with the, just easy jogging. Twenty seconds because if you sit down by the way between the breaks, your legs are like… It’s not good, so keep moving. We don’t want pulse to go too down, we want the pulse to stay high up or at enough high up, three seconds Let’s start the X jobs, second round my friends started just now. Training should not be too easy right! We are here to workout! I start to feel nicely my calf muscles.

Then we have princess lunge. And knee up, jump up. Cross. Go all the way down, good posture. kicking your butt is the next one. And here we go, kick your butt, kick kick kick. And break! My watch is saying it looks like you are working out. Thanks for the heads up. I Forgot to switched it on. Knees up next, three two one, let’s go! Check as well your posture. Ten seconds, five time. Lunches, alternating. Keep the back straight and check that the knee doesn’t go over the toe line. last one, great! Mountain climbers, next round we go down. Three two one. And running continues. Three two one and up. Then we have the challenge, my quads are crying! With that movement, doing that movement. We have the half burpees. Running! That was hard, ooh pants are falling. then we have side touch, I’m moving around, Ten seconds, so side touch. Five-second. Lower you stay, effectively your legs are working Superman is next, opposite knee opposite arm Little bit jogging.

And we have break again. One more round to go. How’s it going? I think you are doing great, I can feel it Three two one keep it moving, keep on moving your legs. And then we start the last round. Then, now let’s then add a little speed. We are starting with the X-jumps. Start to move little bit your legs, you can do this, ten minutes and the hardest parts over. Then we start to cool down. Are you ready? Five seconds three two POWER! Show me your jumps, and time! Go down, good posture.

Running, yes, another one! Princess lunge, and knee up Back straight, chest lifted, last one, yay! That went easy. Then we have the running intervals. We have butt kicking and high-knee. So now show me some sprinting, yeah let’s go! Here as well, check that your posture is not going down even you, back is not rounding, even you are tired. Come on, some speed, five seconds That was good! Lunges. Mountain climbers. We go down, now show me some vertical running! Let’s do these! Stay down, keep your upper back stable. Straight. We are half-way. Now comes the challenge, last round of burpees! I will go vertical This way so I see the time. We do this together! Half Burpees! halfway And then we have the side touch. and last one, the Superman! Three two one, let’s go. Great, easy jogging. Great job! Fantastic, let’s cool down a bit, and then we do nice stretch for the legs. We have deserved it today! Did you get nice sweat? I definitely feel my legs.

I feel my calves as well. It’s a long time since I have been feeling my calf muscles. Feels good! Continue marching, Start to roll down, straighten your legs, and rotate side-by-side. Easy rotation. Just active stretch to the hamstrings, I stay here down, I start to walk forward, stay here. Push your heels down, walk again, high up and stay here now in the middle. And walk forward again. Continue walking all the way down And then half-pigeon, bring your other leg front, check that you are not now sitting on your butt, just feel nice stretch on your butt, so that you are not sitting on your hip. Then put your knees down and round your back and cross your leg front, stretch for the glutes, check now that you are not sitting on a side, sitting on your butt.

You really feel that you have a nice, stretch here in your glutes. You can come all the way down, stretch nicely. Switching to the other side, come here up and switch. Stretch the quads. So you can either stay here on your elbows or if you want to come all the way down. Which feels comfortable, join me. Be free here to move this free leg, down or up , how you feel comfortable. Moving to the other side, round your back. Hug your knees again, roll up, lean forward. Relax your neck, if you feel comfortable you can pull your toes. relax your neck and open your legs, last stretch. Let’s stretch the calf muscles and hamstrings. Here you feel nicely, here you feel nicely Go to the middle and to the other side. At least the muscles are warm, easier to stretch.

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